Insurance Repairs



Impact Damage

Impact damage varies in each instance, and can be a result of different junctures, generally being that of vehicle impact. Whilst on site, trained employees will ensure the safety of both policy holder and general populace. Depending on the severity of the claim, temporary repairs may be undertaken to ensure the safety of the structure once given the go-ahead from the claims manager or loss adjuster.

Water Damage

Water damage to property can be a result of many issues, being that of; water ingress through roofs, burst pipes to wet areas or general tap leakage. Once one of our trained supervisors locates the source of the damage, this information will be passed onto the relative insurance company until further arrangements are made. Before any further repairs are made, Rebuild Group will ensure that all preventative measures have been taken, to ensure the swift completion of the claim.

Fire Damage

Fire claims are complex in nature, due to the vastness of their destructive effects. When dealing with a fire claim, it is not only fire damage that is to be taken into consideration. There are also those of water damage, as a result of firefighting and smoke damage, due to the fire itself. With this in mind, Rebuild Group handle fire claims in an earnest manner whilst also remaining cautious and thorough.

Malicious Damage or Burglary

Malicious damage, brought about through criminal activity, more often than not compromises the safety of one’s premises. Particularly in regards to damage as a result of burglary; this is why these claims will be promptly dealt with, even if only on temporary terms, to ensure the safety of the insured.

Storm Damage

The seasonality of the building insurance industry, determines the quantity of staff required on-call throughout the ‘storm’ period. In recent years, Perth has encountered several rather large storms, which have had catastrophic outcomes for some policy holders. Due to the unpredictability of storm size, Rebuild Group channels large amounts of energy into the preparation for such.

After-hours Emergency Repairs

A 24-hour breakdown service is offered on an emergency basis to cater for:

a) Burglary – whereby Rebuild group would secure the property, through way of  temporary locksmithing and ensuring the security of the property

b) Vehicle Impact – securing the property, and making your abode safe to remain in, through boarding up the property and clearing any potential hazards

c) Fire – removing potential hazards and establishing safety of property

d) Plumbing – water ingress, burst pipe, pipe pressure tests and leak detection, providing temporary repairs